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Why Window Cleaning is More Important Than You Realize

Whether you want to brighten up your second story windows or get your storefront windows cleaned, we’re there to make the job smooth and hassle-free. Eco Clean windows Calgary gives your windows that squeaky clean and unique look that makes your property stand out.

Since cleaning windows is usually a time-consuming, exhausting and rather challenging task, most people tend to put it off as long as they can. However, there is more to window cleaning than just the Eco Cleanle and shine. Dirty windows, for example, can significantly lower their energy efficiency as dirt particles deflect sunlight rays away from the window.

Since many types of window glasses are porous (not many people are aware of this), the dirt and grime accumulates and eventually compromises the integrity of the glass.

Clean windows can brighten up the rooms, let in natural light and help your residential or commercial property appear aesthetically pleasing. Unfortunately dust and grime often create a haze that accumulates over time and detracts from the view. Most folks may not even notice that their windows need cleaning!

Our professional crews will arrive promptly with the right equipment, do the job quickly and thoroughly and leave the place clean and tidy. You’re likely to be amazed with the results. It’s no wonder that our current customers love our services and we’re sure you will too.

Our impressive range of window washing services includes:

Residential Window Cleaning

If you’re thinking of selling or renting out your home, clean windows should be first on your priority list. Our professional window cleaning services are fairly priced and you’ll find our costs reasonable in comparison with our competitors.

Trying to look through dirty windows is like looking through a dirty pair of spectacles. Fingerprints, smudges and greasy films stick to the window surface and create an unsightly effect. Professional window cleaning helps clean off residues of acid rain and deposits left behind by hard water.

We can provide you with a one-time service, weekly, monthly or bi-annual services just as you like. What’s more, we always offer our esteemed customers a free quote before we begin. Leave it to our window cleaning experts to bring back the shine and luster to your windows!

Commercial Window Cleaning

Dirty windows in your storefront or place of business can create a negative first impression on customers. Grimy windows often block natural light and leave the interiors feeling dark and gloomy and employees are unlikely to feel happy working there.

Clean, Eco Cleanling windows makes your place of business appear inviting and well-cared for. Hire us to take care of your commercial window cleaning duties so you can concentrate on business. We’re happy to offer every commercial customer a free quote for your unique requirement.

Our commercial window cleaning services extends to:

• Stores, shops and offices
• Hospitals, clinics, physiotherapy centers and medical centers
• Hotels, restaurants, cafes and pubs
• Schools, colleges and daycare centers

Regardless of how big or small your business is, we will tailor a solution and provide you with an upfront estimate.

High Rise Window Cleaning

Attempting to clean high rise windows on your own is an extremely risky proposition. Cleaning windows is what we’ve been trained to do best and we’ll carry along the correct equipment to do our job. Our crew follows every safety guideline to the letter and you can be confident 100% job satisfaction.

Trying to complete the job on your own can result in wasted money on equipment and materials and even with tiresome scrubbing, you may not be reach the furthest nooks and corners. In high rises, it may be extremely risky to attempt cleaning the windows.

Hiring us to wash your high rise windows can save you time and effort. Moreover, our experts will do the job in half the time and produce excellent results too. We can easily reach your high rise windows and clean them without causing damage.

Exterior Window Cleaning

Rain, snow, slush, dirt and pollution can take its toll on the exterior of a property and leave windows looking dusty and full of grime. It’s not easy to wash away the grime with standard wipes and cleaners. In fact, every time, you attempt to wipe it clean, you’re likely to leave the window with more streaks than there were before.

Clean window washing is not as easy as it looks and a DIY cleaning can never match the aesthetics and finish of a professional job!

We offer professional, responsible and reliable exterior window cleaning services to all our customers in the Calgary area.

Interior Window Cleaning Services

In addition to upgraded aesthetics, interior window cleaning provides many health benefits too. If you swipe your fingers along the window-sill, you’ll notice the dirt and dust at once. Keep in mind that this is only a fraction of the allergens that you actually have in the house.

Regular window cleaning can also discourage spiders from making webs and residing in the dark corners of a dusty window-sills. Similarly, mold can prove to be a real threat to health and cause headaches, fatigue and sneezing.

Getting interior windows cleaned can help in producing a healthier home environment. Moreover, professional window cleaners will inspect your windows and bring any problems to your notice (such as rotting wood or a cracked sill and so on).

Best Window Cleaning Company

As a reputed local company, we have extensive experience with residential and commercial window washing. Every customer is guaranteed a free quote, tailored solution and 100% satisfaction.

You should consider hiring us for many reasons:

• We use state-of-the-art equipment and the most modern technology and complete the job in as short a time-frame as possible
• Our expert workers appreciate your time and money and strive to do the best job within the budget
• Our professional window cleaning prevents pests like beetles, spiders, wasps and bugs from settling into your windows
• We keep a careful lookout for problems like a crack in the pane or a slit in the screen and update you accordingly

Give Your Home or Office a Whole New Look at Affordable Rates

In addition to window cleaning, we also offer professional gutter cleaning and pressure washing services in the Calgary area.
Getting your windows cleaned regularly can save you a lot of money at a later stage. You don’t have to be nervous of unexpected charges or hidden costs once we’ve sent you our price estimate.

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