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The sight of marks, dirt, grime and stains on your home or office exteriors can be eyesore and distort the appearance of the most aesthetic properties. Unfortunately, the exterior is exposed to weather, pollutants and natural elements 24 x 7 and some amount of damage is inevitable.

You may have noticed that many property owners are opting for pressure washing services. How does cleaning with a power washer help and why should you consider hiring professionals to do the job?

Property Exteriors Can Get Dusty and Stained

Just like dust inside the house can spread itself over everything and create an unsightly look, the exterior of your house is equally exposed to weather elements. Over the months and years, dust, grime, mold, mildew and algae can create stains, discolorations and spots that may prove to be difficult to remove on your own. Bird droppings, traffic pollution, smoke and rainstorms inevitably take their toll on the walls, roof, driveways and so on.

Moreover, such stains and marks are clearly visible to the naked eye and take away from the overall beauty of your home or office. The last thing you’d want is for customers to walk into an shop or place of business with unkempt exteriors.

Power washing is not only extremely beneficial in eliminating stains and dirt, it can also give your property a brand new look. If you’re planning to paint your house, for example, pressure washing is an extremely effective way to get rid of dust and grime before applying fresh paint.

In fact, electric pressure washing is a much more affordable way to spruce up your property than going in for expensive renovations and rebuilding.

Residential Pressure Washing

Expert power washing can rejuvenate the Look of Your Property.

Although it may appear easy on the surface, pressure washing is not as simple as it looks. When executed incorrectly, the high-pressure spray can result in water getting into the walls and interiors. A botched-up DIY job often leads to muggy carpets, wet attics and soggy curtains which can take weeks to dry. Interiors exposed to wetness leads to the rapid growth of mold or mildew as a result.

Pressure applied wrongly can knock out siding and blast away mortar on bricks. Our trained crews are trained to handle high-intensity equipment and we know what to do to power clean the walls, driveway and other exterior areas.

With a reliable ally like us in your corner, pressure washing can result in numerous benefits:

  • First and foremost, pressure washing helps get rid of marks arising from bird droppings, mold and so on and increases the curb appeal instantly. Your home will be a pleasant space to come to after a hard day’s work
  • Our state-of-the-art pressure washers helps eliminate mold and mildew which are not only unsightly to look at but are threats to health. They can rapidly expand from the exterior to the interiors and cause allergic reactions such as sneezing, runny nose, fatigue, rashes and so on
  • Professionals like us know exactly how much pressure to use for different materials. You can be confident that we’ll use the right equipment and the correct techniques for the best results.

For example, we will use the low pressure wash techniques for decks and railings, medium pressure for vinyl and wood surfaces and high pressure for concrete, stone and metal surfaces.

Commercial Pressure Washing

The exterior of your property tells customers a lot about how you value your business. The consistent buildup of dirt and grime can cause havoc to commercial buildings, warehouses and stores by giving it a worn-down, shabby appearance.

Professional gas pressure washing executed by a reputable company like ours can help boost your property appeal in several ways. Your commercial property will look more inviting, clean and welcoming to customers and can play a crucial in attracting customers.

Over fall and winter, commercial properties are at high risk of accumulation of dirt, oil, algae, salts, mold and mildew can create unhealthy work conditions for your employees. If not eliminated, these can easily interfere with the quality of build air and pose a threat to employee wellbeing. Fortunately, pressure washing will take care of all these contaminants.

We appreciate that commercial property is a heavy investment. This is why we recommend the best pressure washers that will help remove all traces of grime and other contaminants that will degrade the quality over time. Moreover, a heavy layer of mold or algae may often hide structural flaws like cracks.

Pressure washing helps clear the exterior of all dirt and reveals any flaws that may need attention. Some materials like brick may need regular washing otherwise they may deteriorate over time. Pressure washing helps with cutting repair and maintenance costs that spike over time especially if the property is dirty and neglected.

Industrial Pressure Washing

As seasoned specialists, we recognize that industrial buildings should receive regular, preventative maintenance by way of cleaning. Pressure washing not only removes dust, dirt and grime but controls the spread of algae, mold and mildew that can take a serious toll on the building façade.

You may be surprised to learn that bird droppings, for example, are acidic in nature and are often instrumental in eroding roofs and gutters over time. Regular cleaning and washing can help reduce the risks of structural damage. The costs to repair a damaged industrial roof or gutters may run into thousands of dollars.

The good news is that by contacting us to take care of the problem, you can devote your attention to your business and leave the hard work to us. Pressure washing can not only leave industrial buildings clean and stain-free but it can make the sidewalks look spic and span too.

We take care to inspect and analyze the requirements of each commercial customer. Our hardworking team then uses the right pressure, the right water temperatures and eco-friendly detergents that are most suitable for your property.

Hiring professional pressure washing services can help your building look more attractive, boost its aesthetic appeal and spruce up the working conditions for workers. Employees and customers alike will enjoy the prospect of entering spotless and well-maintained premises.

Why You Should Hire the Best Pressure Washing Experts

Pressure washing requires a lot of know-how and expertise regarding the right amount of pressure for different surfaces, how long you should pressure wash as well as what to do during emergency scenarios.

An inexperienced DIY job, more often than not, ends up creating more problems and thereby more expenses in terms of repairs and corrections. As licensed, certified contractors in the Calgary area, we possess the knowledge and experience to offer our reliable services to residential as well as commercial customers.

In addition to residential pressure washing, our services also extend to cleaning parking lots, garages, dumpster areas, loading blocks, awnings and facades. Most importantly, pressure washing rid the floor of oil, dirt, algae and moss that can cause dangerous slips and falls. Professional cleaning keeps your premises safe for loved ones, employees and customers.

As reliable providers of window cleaning, gutter cleaning and pressure washing services, we’re happy to offer reasonably priced deals to all our customers in Calgary. Contact us today for the latest updates on prices, techniques and options. Talk to our knowledgeable consultants and get your Free QUOTE today.

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